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    Kudos to NEOGAF member markao for this initial information, the Playstation community will expand this thread with PS4 Related Project Cars News and Images.

    A new crowdsourcing project by Slightly Mad Studios for their next multi-platform (PC/SteamOS/XBox 1/PS4/WiiU) racing sim title called "Project CARS" (community assisted racing simulation) has started. For as little as 10 (13.40$), you can by yourself a share of the game to help and develop/influence the outcome of the game. Right now the development happens on PC only (jr member you get a new build each month, team member each week, senior or higher even ofter) and the console version will be ported at a later stage (problems MS/Sony certification), to be able to run the game you will need at least:

    Minimum PC Specs

    • CPU: 3.0GHz Dual-Core or 2.4GHz Quad-Core
    • GRAPHICS: Nvidia 9600 GT or ATI HD 4750
    • MEMORY: 2GB of RAM
    Funding total [edit] as of 11-11-12 Project is fully funded, 3.75 Million (no new accounts, or upgrading possible)

    The WMD (world of massdeveloment) website is live and there you can find all Project CARS related info:

    Project CARS now will (also) use Steamworks for testing purposes, how to here: Project CARS on Steam - FAQ


    Key points:

    Car/track licensing news:

    ----- VIDEOS -----

    • pCARS community videos/trailers

    ----- SCREENSHOTS -----

    • first official SMS screenshots:

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 073

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 081

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 101

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 124

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 169

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 192

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 229

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 272

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 327

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 375

    • User Pre-Alpha Build 435-505

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    This game, Oculus Rift (so you can save money on the monitors), and this:

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